'Partridge Family' Actress Dies At 52

Here's some sad news, especially for those who grew up watching The Partridge Family in the '70s. According to TMZ, Suzanne Crough died at 52. Best known for her role as the youngest Partridge member, Tracy Partridge, Crough reportedly died on Monday at her home in Nevada. An unknown family member seemingly confirmed the news to TMZ and said Crough's death was sudden, but the cause remains unclear.

Like her TV brother Brian Foster, Crough might not have been as popular as Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, and Dave Madden, but she'll always be remembered as the Partridge family sister who was fantastic at playing the tambourine.

Crough was born on March 6, 1963 in Fullerton, Calif. According to cmongethappy.com, she was the youngest of eight children. Before getting her start on The Partridge Family, Crough found fame by starring in a Mattel Barbie commercial. Soon after, she scored the role of Tracy. After the ABC comedy ended, the actres starred in Mulligan's Stew as Stevie Freedman and appeared in a short film titled Teenage Father, which won an Oscar in 1979.

In addition to acting, Crough earned a degree from Pierce College and owned and operated a bookstore until 1993. In 2010, she and her fellow Partridge Family co-stars reunited on the TODAY show, where she revealed she was a manager at an Office Max in Arizona.

While chatting with cmongethappy.com in 2000, Crough gave her thoughts on where Tracy would be today and said, "Wow, I have never thought about that. I would like to say a CEO of a studio, or a mom. I don't know what she would be professionally, but she would be the most important thing — a good person, with a great attitude about life. There you go, I'm good on the spot. I should go into politics."

Crough is survived by her husband Bill and two daughters, TMZ reports.

Images: ABC