7 Movies Anna & Aubrey Need To Tackle Next

This just in: celebrity best friends Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza are in a movie together, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates happens to co-star Zac Efron and Adam Devine. All other movies can go home now, because this is going to be the best one of the year. Anna made the announcement on Twitter, giving us an important update about the film. "Title change: Alice and Taiana will f—k up your wedding. Get ready, boys," she wrote alongside a perfectly scowling picture of the duo wearing hoodies and sweatpants.

Even though they have been in two movies together before, the brief scenes in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the even more fleeting moment in Life After Bethin which Aubrey was a zombie and tried to eat Anna so she wouldn't steal her boyfriend — weren't enough. Complicated and hilarious, but just an appetizer — I want the whole six-course feast of sarcastic quips, ridiculous antics, and best friendship.

If their characters are anything like their real-life counterparts, the world is in for a treat. Over the years, I think I've favorited every tweet they've ever exchanged, ranging from singing K-Ci & JoJo's "All My Life" to holding hands and dancing together. With those in mind, I dreamed up seven movies they could star in together next, based solely on their amazing tweets and Instagrams.

An Instant Classic Buddy Cop Comedy

It will be a good cop, bad cop, True Detective situation. Or maybe like Let's Be Cops with ladies. It could really be anything — a Rush Hour reboot? Sure. No, just kidding, but these two as cops who can't get their lives together would be fun.

A Rom-Com

These two are totally platonic, but they joke about sex and relationships all the time. It would be refreshing to see a rom-com about two women for once, whether they're dating or just best friends, like Gillian Jacobs and Leighton Meester in Life Partners.

A Ridiculous Adventure Movie

Anna and Aubrey took a spontaneous trip to Mexico together, but they didn't film their adventures. Now is the time to remedy that, Hangover-meets-Bridesmaids style.

A Glorious Musical

They sing to each other all the time and Anna loves her musicals, so they should join forces and put together a masterpiece. It could be a zombie thriller, a post-college adventure, or a crazy Bachelorette party. They can do whatever they want — with song and dance.

An Apocalypse Film

Since they've both done the genre before — Aubrey with Life After Beth and Anna with Rapture-Palooza — it makes sense for them to team up on one. They should make their own version of This Is the End, because they're the new Seth Rogen and James Franco.

A Dance-Party-Turned-Horror-Movie

It's all fun and games until a fun college dance party turns into a slasher film, and how perfect would these two be at fighting back against a murderer? With a team like this, the bad guy won't stand a chance.

Anything Where They Play Sisters

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They look and act similar enough to be related, and they could even pull off fraternal twins with the right hair and makeup. Make it happen, Hollywood!

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