Get Jessica Alba's $5,000 Ring For Waaaay Less

Jessica Alba seems to be having the kind of birthday any of the rest of us might have, filled with handmade cards and works of art from her kids, according to Instagram. Except for the fact that she also got one very expensive gift: Jessica Alba received an Anita Ko ring that costs $5,775.00 for her 34th birthday. Not so normal after all, huh? (But, oh, how I wish it were!)

She posted a picture of the ring alongside her birthday waffles she was having for breakfast with #spoiledrotten in the caption. Uhh, yeah, no kidding. But, I suppose we should expect nothing less from someone as flawless as Jessica Alba. I’m just sitting here wondering if I could get a gift like this on my birthday if all of my friends combined put money towards it. Still, probably not.

Ahhh, such a shame, but I mean, we can’t all be famous actresses. Even if you can’t manage to buy a ring like this for yourself (or receive it as a gift), you can still have a similar look for much cheaper. OK, so the ring won’t be covered with real emeralds or diamonds, but fake diamonds shine just as bright as real ones, right? I'll just be over here, continuing to live in denial.

See Alba’s latest jewelry addition and how you can add a similar one to your collection by checking out the rings below.

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Images: Courtesy Brands