Rob Dyrdek & Bryiana Noelle Flores Are Engaged

by Augusta Statz

Rob Dyrdek showed his girlfriend a whole new world when it comes to getting proposed to — pun totally intended! Sneaking out of a Disney Aladdin show to “go to the bathroom,” Dyrdek proposed to Bryiana Noelle Flores by becoming a part of the Aladdin show at Disney, complete with riding out on an elephant, then dropping to one knee while still on stage. He also gave her the biggest circle cut diamond to boot. Talk about a dream come true!

The couple posted pictures of the ring while in the Caribbean. A vacation to celebrate getting engaged? This just keeps getting better and better. And boy did that ring sparkle in the tropical sun. The diamond is circular with a very simple band that allows the huge rock speak for itself. Simplicity really does equal perfection sometimes.

I’m so happy for the couple, and I can’t wait for them to start a fairy tale of their own (Get it? Because Disney). And I hope their story contains more jewelry for me to completely drool over, not to mention a gorgeous wedding dress. I’m already envisioning it!

Check out pictures of the Disney proposal and also see a pic of that diamond below:

Just casually riding in on an elephant, you know. NBD.

And he drops to his knee...

Aww, she said "yes!"

Disney, the place where dreams come true, right?

See what I mean about that sparkle?