9 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Warm Up a Rainy Day

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When done right, a basic grilled cheese is a comfort that rivals flannel pajama bottoms. The buttery, crispy bread nestles around oozy slices of Kraft cheese, and if your cook has any clue about what's hip, the sandwich is cut diagonally, into triangles. If you're a really lucky camper, you have a bowl of tomato soup into which you can dip your crusty wedge of goodness.

But as wondrous as the basic is, some days you're either fresh out of Kraft cheese (having used it for origami), or you're craving something a little more grown-up, gourmet, or classy. Suit yourself! The grilled cheese is the tabula rasa of paninis, the canvas on which any cook can paint (or, as it were, assemble and fry) her masterpiece.

Whether you choose to modify the cheese, the bread, the fillings, the size, or the act of grilling, the grilled cheese is waiting for your creativity. We've got ideas to get you started. Here are 10 bloggers' amazing recipes for the grilled cheese of your dreams.

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