This Japanese Plus Size Magazine Is Amazing

Odds are you haven't seen a magazine quite like this before. La Farfa is a Japanese magazine for plus size women, and it's breaking stereotypes left and right. Overall: It is awesome. As BuzzFeed pointed out, Japan is known for it's one-size-fits-all "freesize" clothing options. But, despite whatever ideas you may have about Japanese women or their size, La Farfa proves that they come in all shapes and sizes and all deserve to be celebrated. A pretty great concept, right?

La Farfa provides fashion inspiration and shopping resources, and features plus size Japanese models wearing bikinis, mini skirts, and just about everything else that any other model would rock — and that's exactly why the magazine is so very cool. It's the first Japanese magazine aimed at plus size women, and, based on the positive response to the year-old publication, it is a much needed resource and source of inspiration for women around the world.

If you search the #lafarfa hashtag on Instagram, you will find countless images of women sporting looks and displaying their own copies of the magazine. It's the kind of thing that makes you happy that there are women going above and beyond to break stereotypes and make a place for unique and individualized beauty in all cultures. The world needs more magazines like this one.

Check out some of the stylish ladies utilizing the hashtag on social media.

Image: La Farfa