27 Times Tom Hiddleston Almost Got You Pregnant

by Anna Klassen

It's tough being a woman of the 21st century. The wage gap is still as prevalent as ever, with women earning on average $10,291 less per year than men. We have new proposed laws challenging our reproductive rights, and to make things worse, you just never know when Tom Hiddleston might try and get you pregnant. You know, that British actor who nearly imploded Tumblr and auditioned to play Thor. I don't know what it is about that guy, but he just won't leave your ovaries alone.

Like that time he wanted to partake in a wet T-shirt contest, so he filmed himself getting drenched from head to toe in a tiny white tee, calling it the "Ice Bucket Challenge." Or that time he won Elle's Man of the Year award. Or that time he raised awareness for poverty by living off one pound (about $1.50) a day for five days. There was that time he tackled climate change with a photoshoot that featured his bedroom eyes. And lest us not forget the time Tom Hiddleston surprised underpriviledged children with a screening of Thor: The Dark World. That Hiddleston, always being a good guy or whatever.

And it is these good deeds we must be weary of. Paired with his blue-green eyes, his killer smile, a fine set of pearly white teeth and a curly set of tendrils, what match are our ovaries when Tom Hiddleston comes a knockin'?

Here are 27 Times actor Tom Hiddleston tried to impregnate you.

When He Was Formal As F*ck

When He Looked Up At You

When He Was Mildly Disappointed In You

When You Convinced Him You Were Right In An Argument

When He Told You A Cold Hard Fact

When You Turned Him On

When He Giggled At Your Joke

When He Went Hunting For Your Ovaries

When He Just Wanted To Have A Serious Conversation With You

When He Got A Perm & It Was Silly

When He Gave You A Round Of Applause For Just Being You

When He Insisted On Roleplaying In The Bedroom

When He Just Came Out & Said It

When He Showed Off The Moves He Learned At Swim Class

When He Tried On Your Lipgloss, Just For Funzies

When He Has His Photo Taken For Your Birthday Gift (A Customized Calendar)

When He Was Literally Smokin'

When He Had Something In His Eye

When He Was Exhausted From A Hard Day's Work

When He Was Remembering A Joke You Told Him

When He Was Caressing His Perfect Face

When He Moistened His Lips

And Then Did It Again

When He Got All Sweaty

When He Knew It Was Good To Be Bad

When He Gave Himself A Manicure During An Interview

When He Thanked The Lord For Bringing You Two Together

Amen, Tom Hiddleston. AMEN.

Images: Tumblr; Giphy