20 Comic Book Decor Ideas So You Can Celebrate Free Comic Book Day All Year Long

My second favorite day of the year behind Halloween is here — Free Comic Book Day! For those of you not in the know, Free Comic Book Day, or FCBD, has occurred in comic book shops across the nation on the first Saturday in May since 2005. Along with a variety of comic book titles available for free, it's also a day for both first time readers and long time collectors to support their local comic book shop. But for fans, one day is just not enough to bask in the glory of comic book fandom, which is why so many of us choose to surround ourselves with comic book-inspired decor year round. Here are 20 of my favorite pieces.

Bat Family Art

Forget Batman and Robin — Batman and Batgirl is the combo I’d like to have in my house.

Batman and Batgirl Comic Book Art Poster, $8.95, etsy.com

Avengers Coasters

Hulk will be mega angry if you get water stains on the coffee table… and you won’t like him when he’s angry.

Avengers Comic Book Coasters- Set of Four, $26, etsy.com

Captain America Art

I’m a huge fan of minimalistic art, and this poster is so gorgeous. You could even make it part of an Avengers set.

Captain America Comic Book Art, $15, etsy.com

Gotham Skyline Decal

My boyfriend and I have talked about getting something like this for our house for years, and now I we know exactly where to find it!

Gotham City Skyline Decal, $88, etsy.com

Marvel Bedding

Hey, adults can have comic book bedding too, mom.

Marvel Comics Book Defenders Reversible Duvet Set, $41.19, amazon.com

Kapow Pillow

If you get this, you have to make the “kapow” sound effect every time you lay down.

KAPOW Comic Book Pop Art Cushion, $47.12, etsy.com

Doctor Who Mug

People know Doctor Who primarily from the TV show, but the franchise also has an awesome comic book series.

Doctor Who Mug, $12.99, thinkgeek.com

Ampersand Art

Get a custom ampersand piece with your favorite comics on it — perfect for showing off your devotion!

Ampersand Comic Book Art, $22, etsy.com

Deadpool Table

You’ll have the deadliest (and snarkiest) end table around with this bad boy.

Deadpool Comic Collage Table, $150, etsy.com

Wonder Woman Pillow

Don’t we all wish we could be as bad-ass (and change outfits as quickly) as Wonder Woman?

Wonder Women Changing Comic Pillow Cover, $8, etsy.com

Light Cover

Batman and Robin are here to make sure you turn on your lights in style.

Batman and Robin Comic Book Double Switch Plate, $20, etsy.com


Oh, hey comic book lovers… how you doin’?

“Comic Book Nerds Do It” Wall Clock, $22, amazon.com

Fridge Magnets

Let’s be honest — your fridge will always be your hero.

Comic Book Magnets, $15, etsy.com

Comic Tissue Box

Rocket Raccoon is even more cute and awesome decorating this tissue box.

Rocket Raccoon Collaged Tissue Box, $30, etsy.com

Walking Dead Lamp

You’ll probably want to keep this lamp on while you watch The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Lamp, $35, etsy.com

Bat Signal

I have this and it’s awesome — it actually shines a bat signal on the wall. Perfect for a night light, or indicator of vigilante justice.

Mini Batman Bat-Signal, $9.95, thinkgeek.com

Comic Wreath

Luckily for this wreath, comic books are cool all year around!

Twisted Comic Wreath, $40, etsy.com

Wonder Woman Wine Charms

A great way to mark your glass when you’re celebrating with all your wonder women.

Wonder Woman Wine Glass Charms, $21, etsy.com

Shower Curtain

Vigilantes need a lot of showers, obviously.

Batman Fabric Shower Curtain, $35.99, amazon.com

Drinking Glasses

Even drinking water will feel heroic with these glasses.

DC Comics Glasses — Set of 4, $25.03, amazon.com