The Celebrity Fashion and Beauty Looks That Won This Week

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This week's crew of best-dressed and well-groomed celebrities didn't play it safe with tried-and-true evening glamour. In fact, some didn’t even go the showstopping floor-length gown route at all. There was one all-over lip embellished Saint Laurent top and trouser combo that made the cut; at least two winter white ensembles that caught the eye; a pair of leather pants that you could wear without looking like an extra from Rock of Ages; and if you can glean anything from the snippet of Diane Kruger above, then you know someone wore floral appliqué very, very well.

To go along with the most stylish looks of the week, another set of stars complemented their red-carpet outfits with equally gorgeous hair and makeup choices. Top of mind beauty standouts? One braided updo that certainly rivals Princess Leia's buns (in a good way); a smoky cat-eye worth copying; a bronzed glow look that will come in handy once that sickly winter pale skin sets in; and, oh yes, there might just be the perfect shade of matte red lipstick waiting in the “wings” of this slideshow, thanks to Amanda Seyfried. For the top 10 fashion and beauty looks from the week, courtesy of the Hollywood set, just keep clicking.

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