PayPal One Touch Will Make Online Checkouts Easier

Imagine, if you will, that there's a flash sale on your favorite e-comm site. You rush to add everything you want to your cart, but when it comes to payment, you struggle to find your purse, your wallet, and by the time you pull out your credit card, your items are already sold out. That situation will never happen again, thanks to PayPal’s One Touch payment for online purchases. Whether that is great or scary news for you and your wallet, it’s definitely going to make online purchases a lot easier, more convenient, and definitely more efficient.

PayPal’s One Touch payment option is kind of like Apple ID where your information is securely stored in a system and when you need to purchase something, you can do so with, touch. You don’t have to get out your credit cards and fill in all that tedious info, you just click and you’re done. With all your info stored, you’ll only need to log in with your username and password and from then on out, all PayPal compatible sites won’t require you to authenticate yourself again.

Some online retailers have pretty complicated checkouts, which can easily discourage the consumer to purchase merchandise — especially when this process gets even more complex in the mobile versions of websites. In fact, according to Reuters, a total of $4 trillion in merchandise is abandoned from online shopping carts per year. And that’s all because of an elaborate checkout process. Crazy, right? With Apple Pay, Google Wallet and now, PayPal One Touch, checkout might be getting easier than purchasing merch in real life. You know what that means, right?

Image: Giphy