25 Powerful Signs From Baltimore Protests Offering Messages Of Change & Providing Reasons For The Outrage

Despite the violence that overtook Baltimore on Monday night and loomed as Tuesday night approached, there were a lot of inspiring messages of hope, peace, and justice that came out of the city. Powerful signs at the Baltimore protests for Freddie Gray not only tried to bring to light the injustices that black people so often face when dealing with law enforcement, but also to spread support and awareness as well as provide explanations for the outrage.

Protests — and then riots — took place in the Maryland city as residents cried out in anger over the death of Gray, who died in police custody earlier this month. In scenes reminiscent of Ferguson last year, thousands demanded justice not only for Gray, but for Michael Brown, too, and all of the other black men and women who have lost their lives from what many allege is excessive force and police brutality.

Over the past few days, people have united in peaceful protest on the streets of Baltimore, many of whom held signs as a way to make their voices heard when sometimes speaking out loud wasn't enough. Here's some of the most powerful that have been seen around the city so far.

An Important Quote & An Important Question

Calling For Justice

Showing Some Love

For All

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Stop Killing

Explaining Her Outrage

Asking Questions

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Black Lives Matter More Than

Demanding Justice

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"I Am ..."

Solidarity & Support

Honk For

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Take A Stand

What Would He Do?


What This Is About

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