Bandier Is Available Online Now, So Get Ready To Shop New York's Favorite Athletic Gear From Your Phone

Everyone knows the first step to getting your body to work at the gym is to buy some cute (but functional) work out clothes, and now shopping for fab sportswear has become even easier because New York's favorite athletic gear brand Bandier is available online now.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting a Bandier store (probably many of you, since it's only located in New York City and Southampton), it's a boutique filled with only the coolest work out gear, from tops and bottoms to bras and shoes. But it's not your typical, boring gym merch — tanks that read "rebel" and "warrior" and playful patterned leggings are just some of the inventory you can find on the online store. And best of all, they ship internationally.

Founder Jennifer Bandier started the store in 2014 and now, fans of the athletic gear line include the infamous Kardashian sisters and even Tory Burch. Retailers for the boutique include Body Language and Alala, with many more that "count Bandier as their only online partner," according to Racked. If that's not enough to make you a fan, here's a fun fact: Before this, Bandier used to manage beloved '90s girl group TLC. Sold!

Having an outfit that's on point always encourages me to go to the gym, so I'm happy to opt for a higher price tag if it means actually making it to a spin class (or the gym that sits three floors below my apartment). Here are five pieces that I seriously have my eye on from Bandier's website.

1. L'urv Banana Baby Legging, $124

2. Varley Laura Technical Tee, $65

3. Alala Bomber Jacket, $225

4. VPL Insertion W Bra, $95

5. APL Techloom Pro Sneaker, $140

And, as a little extra treat, Bandier offers a digital magazine, named the B-Line, which includes some kick-ass work out playlists, along with Scandinavian-inspired tofu recipes. Go on, get your exercise on!

Images: Bandier