These Couples Reveal They Don't Know Each Other's Phone Numbers, But Really, Who Are Any Of Us To Judge? — VIDEO

How many people's numbers can you name off the top of your head? It makes sense that you wouldn't have your Aunt Tilly's number memorized (you only call her once a year on her birthday), or that chick you met while drunk at a bar, during that blurry late-night hour when you totally thought going to yoga with her the next morning sounded awesome but in the sobering light of day, not so much. But what about your best friend? Or your boyfriend? Or your mom—wait! Your mom's cell phone number, not the house you grew up in. Well, this video of couples revealing that they don't know one another's numbers should make you feel less alone in your ignorance. Their struggle is real, and for better or for worse, completely universal to us all.

There is some conjecture over how many contacts the average person has on their cell phone. Estimates range from 150 to about 650, and while I get antsy when there are too many in there (it's a weird personal thing), I don't judge. I mean, why be picky about who goes in your phone, right? But this video is less of an insight into our relationships with other humans, and way more of an insight into just how technology has wiped out the significance of a phone number in the first place.

For instance, I can tell you my first phone number (32 years ago), all of my childhood friends' numbers (26-15 years ago), and the number from my first high school job (16 years ago). But ask me to give you the number of my husband—the love of my life, partner of 11 years, and father of my children—and I just smile awkwardly and check my phone. I feel like I have no reason or motivation to learn any of the many admittedly important phone numbers in my life, though I feel like it's going to bite me in the ass one day. Oh, well.

There has to be a German word for the uncomfortably familiar but funny feeling you have watching this video...

Image: YouTube