19 Body Positive Workout Tees That Aren't Remotely Shaming Because Exercising Is Hard Enough

Getting to the gym is hard, but what can definitely make it less daunting is a good, old body positive workout tee. As someone who only just recently started exercising regularly for health reasons (which were mainly caused by weak back muscles), I know it can be really difficult to gather up the motivation you need to fuel your workout — especially if it’s not already part of your routine.

And while you know there are plenty of rewards for exercising (like boosting your energy and getting stronger), you don’t need anybody telling you what your body is supposed to look like, or that you’re not working out hard enough.

So, if you need just a little reminder of how awesome you are regardless of how many reps you can do, grab your yoga pants and try one of these motivational tees on for size. They just might make you want to hit the treadmill.

by Sandra Roldan

You Got This

For when you need a little reminder when you look in the mirror.

You Got This Racerback, $23,

Hot Yoga

Word. Take that, Bikram snobs.

Hot Yoga Chopped Tank, $27,

Muscles And Mascara

Two of your favorite things together at last, because who says you can’t wear makeup to the gym?

Muscles and Mascara Tank, $22,


You don’t have to train to be beautiful.

Training To Be A F*ckin’ Badass Tank, $20,

The Walking Dead

I would probably run faster too, if I knew Norman Reedus was waiting for me at the finish line…

Run Like Daryl Is Waiting Tank, $22,

Iron Maiden

For women who like (lifting) heavy metal. \m/

Iron Maiden Tank, $20,

Liquid Awesome

Preach! So that’s why it feels so good.

This Isn’t Sweat Plus Size V-Neck T-Shirt, $30,

Gym Unicorn

Because every time you do make an appearance at the gym, it should be a cause for celebration.

I’m Not a Gym Rat, I’m a Gym Unicorn Tank, $22,

Wonder Thighs

You are grateful for those stems — they get you where you need to be.

Wonder Thighs Tank, $25,

Stronger Than A T-Rex

The moment you nail your first real pushup, the whole concept of evolution will make sense. You: 1. Big, scary dinosaur: 0.

T-Rex Hates Pushups Tee, $18,

Do Your Squats

Don’t let anyone be mean to you… you can do it all.

Do Your Squats… Tank, $20,

Fit Nerds Are Sexy

…and books are heavy. There’s no reason why you can’t be both healthy and smart.

I Workout So I Can Carry More Books Sweatshirt, $43,

Real Women Sweat

Deal with it!

Real Women Sweat Tank, $25,

As Many Reps As You Can

You don’t need to prove you can to anyone but yourself.

Reebok Crossfit Tee, $20,

You Get Stronger

You can repeat this mantra to remind yourself just how much you accomplish.

Getting Stronger Tank, $22,

Happy Hour

Training is best when you have a buddy, and now you can have a new hangout spot.

Meet Me At The Barre Tank, $26,


It’s really that simple. No deprivation here.

To Do List Tank, $20,


In case you need yet another reminder while you’re flexing in the mirror.

#BodyPositive Tank, $22,

Lift Like A Girl

Newsflash, you are a girl. And lifting weights is a big effing deal worthy of celebration, too.

Yeah, I Lift Like a Girl Tank, $20,