19 Body Positive Workout Tees That Aren't Remotely Shaming Because Exercising Is Hard Enough

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Getting to the gym is hard, but what can definitely make it less daunting is a good, old body positive workout tee. As someone who only just recently started exercising regularly for health reasons (which were mainly caused by weak back muscles), I know it can be really difficult to gather up the motivation you need to fuel your workout — especially if it’s not already part of your routine.

And while you know there are plenty of rewards for exercising (like boosting your energy and getting stronger), you don’t need anybody telling you what your body is supposed to look like, or that you’re not working out hard enough.

So, if you need just a little reminder of how awesome you are regardless of how many reps you can do, grab your yoga pants and try one of these motivational tees on for size. They just might make you want to hit the treadmill.

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