'The Tomorrow People': Jason Dohring Makes Anything Better

Jason Dohring. Jason Dohring. Jason Dohring. Jason Dohring. Jason Dohring.

Did I mention Jason Dohring?

Sorry about that. I'm more composed now. This week's episode of The Tomorrow People, "Kill or Be Killed," featured a guest appearance from Jason Dohring. That's the correct way to express what I was getting at before. The Tomorrow People has struggled to find its footing, but, for me, Jason Dohring makes just about anything better (even Ringer). On TTP, Dohring plays Killian McCrane, a Tomorrow Person an extra special ability. Overall, the episode was full of pros and cons. Here are the highlights.

PRO: Jason Dohring

Did I establish yet that I consider this a pro?

CON: Jason Dohring as a cheesy character

As much as I love Dohring (which is a lot — I have a longstanding crush on Logan Echolls), his Tomorrow People character was villainous in a cheesy way, missing the usual tongue-in-cheek charm Dohring brings to his most sociopathic roles.

PRO: The Tomorrow People aren't all the same

We find out in this episode that Killian possesses a very special power among the Tomorrow People: He can kill people (yeah, Killian can kill — clever). Thanks to some ULTRA experiments, the part of his brain that keeps Tomorrow People from killing has been burned out, effectively evolving him to the next level. For people so opposed to evolution, ULTRA is certainly helping the process along.

CON: Murder isn't as cool as stopping time

More on why this actually bothers me in a second.

PRO: John is special!

Killian isn't the only Tomorrow Person with the ability to take a life — John proves he also has the ability, thanks to his time spent at ULTRA. Unfortunately for Killian (and Jason Dohring fans), this big reveal comes when John ends Killian in their final fight.

CON: Murder isn't as cool as stopping time

And I know it's petty, but I really want John to be cooler than Stephen.

PRO: Learning about John

We took another trip down memory lane this week, this time seeing into John's past. It turns out he had quite the troubled past (including a drunk and abusive foster dad) before Jedikiah swooped into to save him — and take him in as ULTRA's youngest recruit. We also get some insight into the complicated history behind Jedikiah and John. (Jed killed John's abusive foster father before assuming that role for a while.)

Thanks to the guest star and John-focused plot, this week's episode of The Tomorrow People was at least a fun ride, but I can't be sure that would be the case for people without my very specific and strong opinions about the actors and characters involved. The Tomorrow People still needs to figure out why we should care long term (and let us know, STAT), if it wants viewers to stick around.

Did you watch The Tomorrow People this week? What did you think?

Image: The CW