What Happens When You Don't Shave For 30 Days

My first question about this video of people who stopped shaving for 30 days is: Who still shaves? Aren't we all adults now who know that waxing is much better for your body and hair regrowth generally? In my experience, shaving is something girls did in the eighth grade when they stole their parents' razors because they couldn't afford to buy their own. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed has done a social experiment to see what happens when both men and women don't shave for 30 days. Again, waxing, people. When you wax, you generally don't have to think about your hair for 3-4 weeks, so more than anything else, shaving seems like a very stressful undertaking. But I suppose that's not the point. The point is to see how society reacts differently to hairy women than it does to hairy men.

The women all didn't shave under their arms, and let me just start by saying, none of these women know what it's like to be truly hairy. Give me some time to grow out my underarm hair and then come see me and we'll talk. A flight smattering of fluffy down doesn't quality you to be worried about what people will think. A Dwayne Johnson sized merkin under your arms does. Regardless, the girls obviously had more anxiety about not shaving than the man did, because even though he wasn't shaving his face, society puts a hell of a lot more pressure on women to conformed to idealistic beauty standards.

See the results and conclusions below:

Meanwhile, back to the benefits of waxing over shaving:

1. Not doing it for 30 days will leave you with a light 5 o'clock shadow rather than full bush

2. It doesn't hurt that much

3. You can't cut yourself

4. The hair grows out with a softer feeling because there's no hard follicle root left behind

5. It irritates your skin much less than shaving can (if you're prone to irritated skin like I am)

Of course, if there is one takeaway from this, it's that you gotta do you. Your body is your hairy temple. Wax, shave, ignore it—screw what everybody else thinks.

Images: YouTube; Giphy(5)