Calvin Met Taylor's Cats, So This Must Be Love

Clearly, Calvin Harris is taking to his boyfriend-ly duty of "designated picture taker" like a fish to water. At one Taylor Swift's infamous friend barbecues, Calvin Harris Instagrammed pictures of Taylor Swift's cats, as well as a few group shots of her illustrious besties. There are no words in the English language more romantic than "Babe, can you get a pic of everyone?"

Swift hosted a friend-BQ at her Los Angeles home recently, and 'grammed a couple of fun pictures from the event on Tuesday. In attendance were fellow young success stories Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Haim, Halston Sage, and Serayah McNeill, as well as rumored boyfriend, Harris. Now, I'm sure that Harris knows plenty of Swift's friends through work and all, but still, this may have been the fated "introduce new boy to all your friends at once" event. Big deal, guys.

Judging from the documentation, it would appear that things went well. Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey really hammed it up for him, as we can see in a picture he posted of Olivia standing on her hind legs. (I repeat: Olivia Benson can do tricks. That is all). He also got an action shot of Swift's friends enjoying cake, which may seem a little random. I'm guessing she asked him to get some candids though, so it's totally not weird.

All the candid shots of carefree youth! That's what the boyfriends are good for.

Swift posted the following picture of the whole gang (minus the boyfriend). I mean, someone has to take the picture. Also, hold Swift's purse.

Because I'm in the business of reading way too much into minute details of celebrity lives, I'm going to read this as the moment where Swift realized that Harris is the decent kind of guy she deserves. First of all, Swift is testing him out as a cat dad — a role that he seems to be suited for. Second of all, she seems to be trusted him with taking pictures of the gang: an important responsibility for any significant other. Thirdly, he's now invited to girls nights with cake and beer. Long live Talvin Swarris!