Swarovski Cinderella Slipper Is Perfect

This is a heart-clutching moment. The Swarovski Cinderella glass slipper is here and is delicately perfect. If you think a regular pair of stilettos clack like crazy, could you imagine these babies as real, wearable shoes on a hard wood or office floor? Yikes! Even so, I can't help but marvel at this perfect shoe replica.

Costume designer Sandy Powell expertly crafted Cinderella-themed items for the jewelry brand when the Disney film hit theaters. She clearly paid attention to detail, like the butterfly bow on the slippers, and it totally paid off. This is an homage and a work of art that would have shoe addict Carrie Bradshaw quaking in her Manolos.

This slipper is constructed entirely of Swarovski crystals, but check out the way it reflects light and has an iridescent cast in the photo below. I am not sure I have ever seen anything to delicately lovely!

It got me thinking about clear shoes that are actually wearable for day-to-day life and don't look super inexpensive. That's not a route you need to go, for sure.

You can cultivate your own take on the fabled glass slipper with several clear shoe options, both casual and glam, for your feet. So if you have this hankering to be a modern Cinderella with your own personal style spin, these are five fun choices for aping her famed footwear.

First, gawk at the somewhat scaled replica. I wish it was real and on my feet, even if for a minute. Now, shop away, Cindys!

1. Jellies!

Jellies, $40, TopShop

These sandals are perf for the casual, summery, and modern version of Cinderella, who meets her Prince Charming while working at a fro yo stand on the boardwalk down the shore. Extra points for the glittery beds.

2. Sling It

Slingbacks, $40, JCPenney

These slingback platforms are the most practical clear stilettos I've seen in my travels. These are just right for wear at a summer wedding or formal event.

3. Bank Breakers

Louboutins, $720, Polyvore

Oh my! These Louboutins are a literal but lovely take on the Cinderella slipper. Even though they are baby blue with a yellow bow, they are still see-through and modern, but they are also thoroughly Louboutin with the blood red sole. If you have money to burn and want to go luxe, this is your option.

4. Thongs!

Clear Thongs, $225, Bloomingdale's

If you like to wear dresses in summer, but are sick of flip flops, these clear, fancy thongs are a Cinderella-ish option that add an extra dose of glam to an otherwise casual look. I could see the protagonist in a current day, Hollywood film based on the Cinderella origin story wearing these. ($225,

5. Plats And Straps

Sandals, $68, Nasty Gal

Sexy girls aren't going to get down with snoozy glass slippers, but this strappy platform pair is so fun and young. It's certainly a very different take on a clear shoe!

No matter what your personal style, clear shoes are totally an option for girly girls, rocker chicks, and wannabe Cinderellas IRL.

Images: Marie Claire/Instagram (1); Nasty Gal (1); Bloomingdales (1); Polyvore (1); JC Penney (1); Topshop (1)