This Is What Happens To Your Brain After A Breakup, According To This Hilarious Sketch — VIDEO

After a breakup, your brain goes into survival mode. For me, that includes generally red wine and cigarettes in bed, but everyone has their own special kind of emotional lockdown. This video from Anna Akana perfectly sums up the state of emergency of your brain after a breakup. The set up is that of a disaster movie, in a government lockdown room with a woman belting out instructions to harried dudes at huge computers who are wearing headsets. It's perfect. All that's missing is Morgan Freeman as the president. (What?! That's what EVERY video needs.) The only flaw I can find is that no all of us have post breakdown brain lockdown that is this efficient. I mean, I told you what happens to me, right?

The video begins with a woman being broken up with by, let's be real, a dude that sounds like a bit of a douche bag anyway. Which means she's going to be OK eventually. Then we cut to the inside of her brain, where someone has tripped the emergency switch and all systems are go. It's a hilarious satirical look into the nature of heartbreak and the superficial little things we do to make ourselves feel better when we're going through one. Like:

1. Making sure the pantry is stocked with comfort (read: junk) food

2. Watching all your favorite tear-jerkers

3. Getting "back in the game"

But the whole "getting over it" thing has its hiccups too. Watch the full video below, which will hopefully help you giggle over your own breakup/dating life:

Anna Akana on YouTube

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