The Apple Watch Like You've Never Seen It

Now that the much-anticipated Apple Watch has finally hit stores, people are losing their minds over the exciting new gadget. Perhaps a little too literally. While those who were lucky enough to get their hands (or should I say wrists?) on the device are clearly having fun with it, those who weren't as fortunate have been compensating in other ways. Judging by social media, people are getting creative with their Apple Watch, or their lack thereof. It seems not having one is just unacceptable to some people, so they've come up with their own solutions, and the results are hilarious.

Since Apple CEO Tim Cook announced it back in September, the Apple Watch has been one of the most coveted new devices in recent history. The concept of a smartwatch is still a novel one, and with the device comes a sense that we've finally arrived in the future (but in a much more socially familiar way than, say, Google Glass). Apple Watch allows you to browse the Internet, send messages, check email, and monitor your fitness all in one bite-size gadget. So it's no wonder people were chomping at the bit to strap one onto their wrists.

After it finally officially launched on April 24, proud new owners have been eager to show off their Apple Watches on social media. But what about those who haven't been able to obtain one? Well, some of them figured out a... compromise. Here are 12 people who got creative with their "Apple Watches."

This might be an actual Apple Watch, but it's on a dog — and everything's better on a dog!

But then there were these people.

I wouldn't be so excited if I were this person.

These people might want to double-check the manufacturer of his watch. It might not have been Apple, but perhaps Whole Foods.

This one might be a little more advanced, but it's not fooling anyone.

Come on, man, you're not even trying.

This might be the best of the bunch, however, because it's not even an apple. It's a tomato.

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