Make A Baby Or Your Money Back!

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

A new fertility and ovulation-tracking app called Glow guarantees that it can help couples conceive. And while big promises from mobile apps are nothing novel, Glow is offering a unique commitment to users. The app's creators say that if users don't get pregnant within 10 months, Glow will help cover the costs of infertility treatment. The app's tagline is: "We use data science to help you create your tiny miracles."

Anyone can download and use the Glow app for free, but for $50 per month a user can become a part of the Glow First Fertility Fund. The fund works kind of like an infertility insurance scheme. Paying users become eligible for the Glow guarantee: If a woman is still struggling to conceive after 10 months, Glow will allocate money from the fund to help pay for fertility clinic costs. Couples who do get pregnant with Glow can feel good knowing the money they paid for the app will be going to help another woman or family have a child.

"Glow does not take any money from the fund," spokeswoman Meagan Ward notes. "It is strictly non-profit, and payment is made directly to the fertility clinic of the user’s choice to help pay for fertility treatments."

Glow was created by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and four others. While app stores are brimming with period trackers and peak fertility monitors, this one is "backed by big data," according to Springwise. The app doesn't simply keep track of when women will ovulate. While menstrual cycle monitoring is part of the equation, Glow also provides peak fertility alerts, keeps track of important stats like body basal temperature and partners with diet and exercise app MyFitnessPal so users can incorporate BMI and other health data into their records.

Glow also includes a mirror app for partners of those trying to get pregnant and offers tailored reminders to both partners. The funniest? Reminding men not to let their sperm get overheated. Glad to see it's helping dads-to-be do their part, too.

Image: Fotolia