Comfortable & Stylish Heels Are Here

One company has finally come up with a solution to the pretty but paintful high heel problem. Thesis Couture, a fashion technology brand, is creating a revolutionary stiletto that is comfortable to wear and sexy. If you're a shoeaholic like myself, you're well aware of the age-old comfort versus style dilemma and it looks like we finally have a solution.

According to Bloomberg Business, CEO Dolly Singh came up with the idea because she loved her high heels, but didn't love the havoc they wreaked on her feet after years of wearing them. She put together a team of astronauts, rocket scientists, orthopedic surgeons, and fashion scientists, and thus, Thesis Couture was born. With a bunch like that, you know something truly cutting-edge will come out of this.

According to Newsweek, traditional heels are made using a thin metal plate, and "a metal rod is not a good idea to stand on all day." That sounds quite painful when you put it that way. The revamped heels will utilize materials that provide much more control over stiffness and strength of the shoe, Singh told Bloomberg Business. The goal of the company is to provide "optimum load distribution," so that your weight is distributed across the whole shoe. Sound like a dream, doesn't it?

Take a look.

Here is the new and improved sole. Doesn't it already look more cushiony and soft?

This picture showcases the distribution of weight across the entirety of the shoe, which is the key to comfort.

And look — they really are pretty!

I haven't actually tested these out myself so I can't say that they are actually comfortable for sure. But if anyone can merge style and comfort in a stiletto, it's this talented group.

Check out the full video below.

Images: Kaspars Grinvalds/Fotolia; Screenshots