This Adorable 7-Year-Old Girl Explains How Her Two Moms Had A Baby & Clearly They're Raising The Best Human Ever — VIDEO

When I was in primary school, there was a girl in my class with two moms. I don't know what random anomaly occurred but weirdly enough, it was never explained to me or my classmates, and we accepted it as totally normal without question. I think maybe that's the basic nature of children: They accept things that don't seem to be causing any kind of pain or inconvenience as decidedly normal. The girl and her two moms existed to us like any other child with a mom and a dad, or just a mom, or just a dad. It just was, and I really hope that one day everyone will be able to see it the same way, because every time a little kid as happy as this 7-year-old girl explaining how her two moms had a baby comes along, it's an absolute joy.

The little girl in the video explains that when one of her mommies fell in love with a girl, they got married (so for anyone clutching their pearls, they are MARRIED, which is generally the standard by which pearl clutchers believe it's OK to have babies). She goes on to explain how they wanted to have a baby, but needed sperm, which is what boys have. The mommies found a sperm donor, who is the girl's "invisible dad".


The whole thing is delightfully illustrated and narrated below:

The Next Family on YouTube

Unfortunately, some of the commenters don't hold the same opinion as I do about how cute this is. One commenter says, "All we need is more invisible dads" and to that I say: Many people have visible dads, and they don't always turn out so great.

Meanwhile, what's important is that a child is loved, no matter the number nor gender of the parents who do the loving.

Because the way I understand it, even God just wants everyone to be loved. And anyone who thinks any and all love isn't relevant can shove it.

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