Rent the Runway Adds Rentable Sportswear

Have you ever used Rent the Runway before? Up until now, the brand has focused mainly on special occasions (if you're ever headed to a friend's wedding or movie premiere, or maybe even the prom, they've got you covered), but now Rent the Runway is branching out to sportswear. Now you can show up to your next fancy luncheon in Opening Ceremony, or your next big job interview in Giambattista Valli, which is pretty darn awesome. I don't know about you, but Giambattista Valli would definitely give me a much-needed confidence boost in a job interview situation.

If you haven't heard of Rent the Runway, it's a pretty unique service somewhat akin to Tom Haverford's Rent-a-Swag from Parks and Recreation (in case you were wondering, Rent the Runway came first — sorry, Tom). Basically, you browse their site much in the way you would with a normal e-commerce site, pick something out, and they'll ship it to you at a small fraction of the designer price tag. The only caveat? You've got to return it. I personally haven't used the service, but I'm sure in about three to five years, when all of my friends start getting married in droves, that'll all change. Or perhaps even sooner, now that sportswear is in the picture.

The addition of sportswear comes as part of a larger overhaul of Rent the Runway in general — they're also in the midst of a very-cool (and very-necessary) real women advertising campaign.

According to WWD, Rent the Runway are also adding several IRL store locations. Up until now, they've been primarily known for their online convenience, but they just opened a store in Chicago, and they're currently scouting locations in Los Angeles, Boston, and Houston.

Pretty cool, right?

Images: Rent the Runway