7 Herb Cocktails To Drink On A Roof Deck This Spring — Can You Think Of Anything More Refreshing?

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Warmer weather and longer days are finally here, and that means fresh herbs — even in your drinks. There's nothing quite like sitting on a patio and gazing at the buds on the trees while you sip on something minty, bubbly, and cool — like these amazing herb-infused cocktails. Springtime begs for refreshing, lighter beverages, and since I planted a window herb garden, I've been reaching out the window to grab handfuls of the stuff for some experimental bartending. These are a few concoctions that will tantalize your taste buds and get you in the mood for spring — or for that Kentucky Derby party. There's one with bourbon, one with gin, one with tequila, and one with vodka, so you can impress friends with myriad tastes, but feel free to mix and match your herbs and spirits. Get those creative springtime juices flowing, and add some alcohol.

For those of you without a window herb garden, it is tough to buy a whole bushel of those green fronds without guiltily throwing some sad, wilted, unused piles of them into the waste basket. These recipes will help you get rid of that leftover cilantro, mint, or basil in just about the best way possible. Herbs are good for you, and they make everything — food, drinks, tea, water — taste and smell better. So why not drink them? I can feel my blood pressure dropping already.

Image: The Kitchn

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