Will Sarah & Paul Get Back Together On 'Orphan Black'? Cal's Departure Leaves A Big Romantic Void To Fill

We may only be two episodes in thus far, but that hasn't stopped Orphan Black Season 3 from dealing out a rather devastating blow — and for once I'm not referring to a gruesome death. No, what I'm referring to is much, much worse: the fact that both Cal and Kira have gone into hiding. (OK, so maybe I was exaggerating just a bit.) As of now, it remains unclear how long they'll be gone for, however, the fact that neither Michiel Huisman nor Skyler Wexler are credited in any upcoming episodes (at least according to their IMDB pages), strongly indicates that it could be a while until we see either of them again. So with Cal out of the picture, does this mean Sarah and Paul could get back together?

As much as I've loved seeing Sarah happy with Cal (who is pretty easy on the eyes, might I add), it seems as though our leading clone still has some unresolved issues with Paul — whether that be in the form of love, hatred, or even a little bit of both. But the point is, these two clearly shared a strong (albeit, not entirely healthy) connection with each other right off the bat. And while things have been a little tense between the two of them as of late, that doesn't mean things can't heat up just as quickly as they cooled down, especially as a result of Cal's absence.

Granted, these two are already dealing with quite a bit on their plates these days, so I doubt they've had much time to even thinking possibly reigniting that spark. But given how Project Leda and Project Castor are all coming to ahead, it's only a matter of time until these two separate worlds collide in a big face-off. We know that Paul is working with Castor, but we also know he has a big weak spot when it comes to protecting Sarah Manning at all costs. What's to say he won't end up saving the day and prove himself worthy in her eyes?

I'm not saying this is something that's going to happen immediately or anything, but it seem as though the series could head in that direction. This show may be first and foremost about clone drama, but it's also established some pretty great romantic relationships along the way, like it has with Cosima and Delphine. So now that Cal's MIA for who knows how long, our leading lady is more than likely to find a new love interest eventually. Or maybe even an old one…

Will I miss Cal? Absolutely. But I'm also excited to see where this all leads to next. And, if we're lucky, it'll be somewhere in the vicinity of Paul's bulging biceps. Sorry, not sorry.

Images: Steve Wilkie/BBC America; thecloneclub/Tumblr (2)