7 'Last Witch Hunter' Trailer Moments That Are Absolutely Crazy (Looking At You, Vin Diesel's Beard)

The Last Witch Hunter trailer has finally dropped, and the footage gives us a taste of what Vin Diesel will look like when he becomes a legendary supernatural warrior. With folks like Michael Caine, Elijah Wood, and Rose Leslie surrounding him, there's nothing this action star can't do. However, The Last Witch Hunter movie already looks so ridiculous — like, Underworld-style ridiculous — so this film will probably rank among those you love to laugh with.

In the film, Diesel portrays Kaulder, a witch hunter who has been battling these supernatural beings across the centuries, all over the world. Back in olden times, he was able to slay the Queen of the witches, which, in the process, killed all of her followers. Unfortunately for him, with her last few breaths she cursed Kaulder with her own immortality, which has been keeping him from moving on to the afterlife and reuniting with his wife and daughter. Cut to the present day and Kaulder is the last remaining witch hunter, which sucks for him because now there's a massive surge of witchy activity. With these beings attempting to unleash the Black Death upon civilization, the Queen Witch has also been resurrected and she's looking to get even with the man who took her life.

Watch the Last Witch Hunter trailer below, courtesy of MTV.

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Whether The Last Witch Hunter turns out to be the best movie of the year or something you wish you'd waited until its Netflix release to see, there are a lot of crazy moments worthy of a second look.

1. I Guess There Is Life After Game Of Thrones

You may not have known the name Rose Leslie, but you certainly remembered her catchphrase: "You know nuthin', Jon Snow." She was one of the show's many casualties, but the actress is back and in another supernatural project, no less. Let's hope this doesn't turn out to be a disaster like Seventh Son, which was also a hardcore fantasy movie about witch hunters.

2. In Fact, This Is Getting A Little Too Game Of Thrones Here

While I can't prove that HBO's hit series based on the beloved George R.R. Martin books are any sort of inspiration for The Last Witch Hunter, I'm certainly seeing visions of "winter is coming" in scenes like this. Also, what about that tree? It's reminiscent of the same one that Bran Stark seeks out on his mission to find the Three-Eyed Raven.

3. We Found Elijah Wood!

Whatever happened to Elijah Wood after The Lord of the Rings, his random appearance in the Hobbit trilogy and that horror movie? He's in The Last Witch Hunter, seemingly playing some sort of priest. I can see his halo!

4. Vin Diesel Is My Savior

If there's one moment from the Last Witch Hunter trailer that defines the entire movie, it's definitely Vin Diesel wielding a flaming sword and serving some archangel badassery. I didn't think he could flaunt his masculinity anymore than he did in the Fast & Furious movies, but here he is letting us know that his sword is the biggest... and most flaming.

5. The Effects Look On Point

If this movie is going to be a blunder, which I'm not saying it definitely will be, the special effects, at least, look incredible. Witches are coming back as a trending fad — see American Horror Story: Coven, Seventh Son, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the previously announced Charmed reboot — and with them comes some pretty stellar theatrics.

6. Diesel Will Be Diesel

I would love to look over Diesel's movie contracts, if only to see if there's some secret clause that states he has to have some cheesy line, like, "It's what you don't understand, what your kind never understood, you... will... be... hunted!" And they always relate back to the movie title. This isn't as spectacular as, "This time it ain't just about being fast," from Furious 7, but it's in the same wheelhouse.

7. Let's Appreciate Diesel With A Beard!

No matter what it is, XXX, Fast & Furious, Riddick or otherwise, we rarely get to see Vin Diesel in any crazy costume. But The Last Witch Hunter is one of those rare exceptions. Gawk at his braided beard while you can.

Images: Lionsgate; Nick Romano/Bustle