When 'Madam Secretary' Season 2 Starts The Leaves Will Falling From The Trees — So Don't Fret, Tea Leoni Fans

CBS always manages to win the entire network TV season. And because of that ratings domination, almost all of their new 2014 shows are renewed for a second season already. So since its finale is coming up on May 3, I've got to know when Madam Secretary Season 2 will premiere. Luckily, the show will return at the start of the 2015 fall TV season, according to Deadline, which broke the news that Scorpion and NCIS: New Orleans were picked up for second seasons as well — clearly, CBS is confident in its dramas. Madam Secretary will presumably reclaim its timeslot on Sunday nights in fall — just the most competitive night on TV, NBD. [UPDATE: Deadline reports Madam Secretary will return Oct. 4.]

While the show is a reliable, reasonable performer in the ratings department (though according to a different Deadline piece, Madam Secretary ratings dropped significantly on Apr. 26) and carries a decent story not unlike early seasons of The Good Wife, there's nothing about Madam Secretary that makes for super exciting Monday morning water cooler talk (well, late, late Sunday night message board forum talks).

Since so many other network shows are jockeying for position on crowded Sunday nights, and so many political shows are struggling to stand out (*cough* State of Affairs on NBC), Madam Secretary will have to make some changes in Season 2 if the show really wants to be the top story on Monday morning. Here are some ways the series could up the buzz factor without losing its identity:

Don't Lean Away From Hillary Comparisons

Hey, Hillary was clearly the inspiration for Elizabeth McCord, from the no-nonsense blonde helmet hair to the title "Madam Secretary" to her approach to dealing with international incidents. Why not absorb some of the things that make Hillary such a compelling and contradictory figure, from her email controversy to her presidential aspirations? I just want every show to have the same relationship to reality as The Newsroom.

Add 'Shipping

It's sorta kinda happening in real life, now that Tea Leoni and Tim Daly are dating. And Geoffrey Arend and Patina Miller's staffer characters have a relationship. Add a sexy drifter to mess with both of those couples! (They will never do this.)

Embrace The Depravity Of American Politics

I think people are getting really disenchanted with the ability for real reform within the American political system... or at least I am. Lean in to that nihilism, CBS!

Why Not Do Some Theme Episodes?

Hey, genre shows are the talk of the town right now. Why not have some fun with the idea of themed episodes that adopt a thriller like Scandal or even heighten the political stakes to Game of Thrones level.

When In Doubt, Start Killin' Characters Off

People go nuts at the idea that no characters are safe, even their favorites. I guarantee this will result in a huge uptick of rabid fans for Madam Secretary Season 2. And if it doesn't and the show is ruined, at least all of the wonderfully talented actors will be free to pursue other projects! No downsides!

Image: Sarah Shatz/CBS; Giphy (5)