7 'Irrational Man' Trailer Moments That Are Overly Sappy In The Best Way — VIDEO

If you’re in the mood to feel all mushy and sappy inside but your playlist of love songs isn’t quite doing the job, then here’s something that might provide a remedy in the meantime: The first trailer for Irrational Man starring Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, and Parker Posey hit the Internet on Wednesday, and at just over two minutes, the preview of the film is arguably full of enough sentiment to soften even the hardest of hearts. Seriously, the entire teaser feels like the antidote to grouchiness, and who couldn’t use a little more of that?

In Irrational Man, Phoenix plays troubled philosophy professor Abe Lucas, a guy whose ability to reason has obviously been called into question (hence the film title). Apparently, his instability is tied to his alcoholism and complex romantic escapades, one of which involves his colleague (played by Posey). But somehow, when he becomes involved with his student (played by Stone), his outlook on life seems substantially less bleak. That plot sounds a little simplistic, but we’ll have to wait until the film hits theaters on July 24 to see if there’s more to the movie than an underlying “love conquers all” theme.

For now, let’s take a look at 7 of Irrational Man’s most sentimental moments:

The "Before and After The Act" Scene

From the kissing to the cuddling, everything about this moment is

The Intimate Booth Scene

They awkwardness of this scene doesn't do much to eliminate the warm and fuzzy sensation of a burgeoning romance.

This Googly-Eyed Scene

Stone's girlish grin and the longing stare are just too freakin' mushy.

This Unbelievably Adorable Scene

Anyone else fighting the urge to sigh loudly and say "Awww?" Me too.

The Romantic Date at The Fair

The only thing missing from this moment is the stuffed teddy bear prize.

The Chin-In-Hand Romantic Stare Scene

Watch it and weep, grouches.

This Emotional Pleading Scene

Ugh, I can't hold back any longer. This scene deserves all of the SIGHS.

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