9 Things 'Veronica Mars' Taught Us About High School & Growing Up

I'm a sucker for teen soaps, but Veronica Mars was a particularly special breed. Deeper than many other teen shows of its time, Veronica Mars took the high school drama to a whole new level. The show was, at its core, a modern noir, with an overarching mystery and a private detective in its petite, blonde, and totally badass titular character. But while it has elements of iconic films like The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity, it also shared DNA with shows about the high school experience — because, well, it was. The first two season of Veronica Mars focused on the trials and tribulations Veronica faced while attending Neptune High. And, though her experience was certainly unique, the series did teach us viewers quite a bit about high school.

Most of us will never have to face the hardships that Veronica went through (like, say, finding out the real identity of your best friend's killer or discovering that the brother of one of your classmates murdered a busload of students) but Veronica also faced things that were very, very common to the common high school experience. Here's what Veronica Mars taught us about the high school experience — for better or worse.

Some Friends Will Change Your Life

Veronica and Lilly's bond was so strong that, even years after Lilly was murdered, Veronica couldn't forget her or let her real killer get away with the crime. Whether you drift apart after high school or stay just as close as you were senior year, there's usually someone you meet in high school who will irrevocably change the course of your life.

Parents Aren't Perfect

Most of the time, your later teenage years are the time when you start relating to your parents on a different level and learn that they're not just people who have control over your life and your choices — they're also human beings with the potential to make serious mistakes. (Unless, of course, your dad is Keith Mars. He was pretty much the ideal parent.)

Some People Just Suck

Like, say, Madison Sinclair, who messed with my OTP, LoVE. Veronica Mars reminded us that not everyone is kind, good, or decent — but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be. (Though when Madison's car was destroyed? Well, she probably had that coming.)

The High School Bad Boy Might Not Be So Bad After All

Veronica took the time to see past Weevil's gang affiliation and penchant for trouble — and became close friends with someone every guidance counselor would tell her to avoid. Worth it, because Weevil was the best.

The Obligatory Psychotic Jackass May Be Going Through Some Stuff

Does it excuse said psychotic behavior? No. But as Veronica Mars showed us with Logan, sometime the kid who acts out is suffering in his own way.

College Plans Can Change

Veronica had her heart set on Stanford and winded up at Hearst College. Sure, she left Hearst because of a sex tape scandal, but without her presence, who would have caught the Hearst rapist? Certainly not the Neptune Police Department.

You Only Need One Good Friend To Have Your Back

Veronica may not be the most popular girl at Neptune — far from it — but she survives because she has Wallace in her corner.

It's OK To Take (Some) Risks

I'm not talking walking into a biker bar with a wire on, but high school is for taking little risks — like, say, kissing that boy who might seem terrible for you.

You'll Probably Miss It More Than You Think You Will

High school wasn't exactly the highlight of Veronica's life, and yet she still can't quite leave Neptune behind — and she even chooses to move back to her old stomping grounds in Veronica Mars: The Movie. High school has a funny way of making you nostalgic for things you never thought you could miss.

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