27 Of The Best 'Dancing With The Stars' Costumes Because Rhinestones, Sequins, And Fringe FTW

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After 20 seasons and a 10-year run on ABC, we're still celebrating the fashion on Dancing With The Stars. Because let's not fool ourselves: A big part of the appeal of the show is seeing all the dazzling costumes and the celebrities who wear them each week. From the wildly creative pieces to the outfits that pay homage to the celebs' claims to fame to the fancy, traditional-wear sported on occasion, the dresses and tuxedos never fail to look amazing.

I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, watching most of the seasons since then, and I'm always stunned at how amazing each new costume is. So here's a look at 27 of the best ensembles to date as we wait to see who will win this year's 10th Anniversary Mirror Ball Trophy.

Image: ABC

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