Will Harry Styles Ever Cut His Hair? A Look Back At Boybands' Hair As They Evolved

Most of us have probably gone through style phases, changing our looks both as we mature and as the trends change. But celebrities have a special kind of pressure on them — should they keep an iconic, familiar look, or evolve and reinvent themselves to keep fans on their toes? Which brings me to Harry Styles' hair. The mere mention of the British singer's name is as synonymous with his hair as it is with the band that made him famous, One Direction.

Harry's hair started out long and shaggy, but as time has gone by, it's just kept growing. Obviously, boy is not a fan of haircuts. So the big question on everyone's minds (or, well, at least on my mind) is will Harry Styles ever cut his hair? As much as I'd be more than happy to call Harry up and ask, that's obviously not in the cards, so we'll use the next best tool at our disposal: some heavy-handed research and a look back at boybands' hair through the years. Because Justin Timberlake in 1998 looked WAY different than JT in 2004. So let's take a meander back in time, shall we?

Exhibit A: Justin Timberlake


Every *NSYNC fan fell in love with Justin and his famous fro. (And frosted blonde tips, let's not sell that one short.)


And at the height of *NSYNC's fame, Timberlake's curly hair just kept getting longer.


Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But then the band broke up. And so did Justin and his curls. He went solo, got a fresh new 'do, and won some Grammys. Not too shabby.

Exhibit B: Nick Carter


When The Backstreet Boys burst onto the music scene, the youngster of the group stole teenage girls' hearts with his blue eyes and blonde, center parted long hair.


As the band released another album, Carter kept his signature hair — but got a noticeable trim.


George De Sota/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By the Millennium, the shears came out in full force. Long hair was so '90s, anyway. Nick was ready to jump on board the spiked-hair trend.

Exhibit C: Joe Jonas


Joe Jonas kicked off his Jonas Brother's career with a cropped and clean cut.


Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But then he became a heartthrob (even capturing Taylor Swift's heart), and the hair grew.


AFP/AFP/Getty Images

And following in true boy band tradition, he chopped it all off by 2010.

At this point, all cards are pointing to Harry cutting his hair, and soon. But let's digress. Because I think we can all agree, Harry Styles is not out to emulate any of these guys. And One Direction doesn't fancy themselves a traditional "boy band," anyway. Plus, they're British, so let's take a slightly different path here.

Exhibit D: Mick Jagger


The Rolling Stones kicked off their career with Mick's hair (pictured front and center) long, but still tamed. Not unlike X-Factor Harry....


By the 80s, it was much longer (and wilder).


Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As it still remains today.

Taking all the evidence into consideration, I'd wager: Harry's not going to cut his hair anytime soon. Or probably ever. He's already survived losing Zayn with his hair in tact, so I think we're home free. But if you feel like discussing my research tactics, Harry, give me a call...

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