13 Perfect Ideas For Your Co-Ed Bachelorette Party

by Aly Walansky

There's a bunch of pretty cliche ways to celebrate your bachelorette party if it's just a group of your gal pals. But plans change when you throw some guys into the mix, whether you're doing a joint bachelor/bachelorette or just want your male friends in on the fun. Here's how to throw a co-ed bachelorette party.

"Many of my brides are including their male friends into the bridal party, which means inviting them to other things like the bridal shower and, of course, the bachelorette party," says celebrity event/wedding planner Danielle Rothweiler.

Depending on the type of guys you invite, there are a bunch of different things that you can do, says Rothweiler. Scavenger hunts are fun for both sexes especially if they bring you to fun places all night. Have the bride complete her hunt by bringing her to a restaurant and then to different nightlife spots in town. Total bonus if this is a walkable scavenger hunt with a limo at the end to take everyone back to a hotel to crash at. Items that the bride has to find? Let everyone invited make something up, that way you get the ideas from the girls AND the boys.

1. Get sporty

Plan a day full of sporty challenges and activities with the wedding party, suggests Aviva Samuels, a Florida-based Destination Wedding Planner. A few ideas: plan a flag football game, set up an obstacle course, or have some good old fashioned relay races.

2. Summer camp

The great outdoors is a perfect venue for a bachelor/bachelorette party and large enough to fit both the bride and the groom’s friends and family. "Campgrounds can offer tent sites as well as cabins so load up all the amenities to make your party and head for the hills. This can be a great escape for a bit of quiet zen or a total blow out. It is what you make it," says Brett Galley of Hollywood Pop, a celebrity event design company.

"If you love the outdoors but also know how to party, all-inclusive Adult Summer Camps are becoming more and more popular for both small and large groups for any occasion (or none at all), especially bachelor/bachelorette parties," says Galley. “Campers” spend a weekend doing all sorts of outdoor activities from ropes courses to wakeboarding, are served hot meals, enjoy dance parties, and of course an open bar. Bug juice anyone?

3. Wedding Olympics

Create your own or let companies like Hollywood Pop Gallery design your own personal Wedding Olympics! "Guests will be faced with a series of physical and mental challenges to compete for the championship. Renting out a park pavilion is an inexpensive way to host a great Olympic day outside and top off the day with a laid back barbecue," says Galley.

4. Concert festival

Live music is king and producers have been pushing the boundaries of the “festival experience” with the explosion of live music events happening all over the world, all the time! This is an experience that the guys and the ladies can enjoy together and look for a diverse enough lineup so there is something for everyone to enjoy, says Galley. Spend a day or a whole weekend with your closest group enjoying music on the breeze, great food and drink, and sometimes even games and rides. If you plan to spend a weekend camping at a festival, call the festival ahead of time to reserve a spot just for your group as some permit reserved group camping.

5. Test drive luxury vehicles

Got the need for speed AND style? There are several private companies that work with racetracks around the country to host speed enthusiasts for a day of test driving luxury vehicles, says Galley. Step inside the extravagance and power of a Lamborghini Huracan or a Porsche 911. Try one or a few.

6. Amusement park

Embrace your inner-child and host your bachelor/bachelorette party at an amusement park! "Why not enjoy the last day before your adulthood really sets in riding roller coasters and eating cotton candy?" says Galley. Whether your guests enjoy the Ferris Wheel or the Log Flume, all will remember your bachelor/bachelorette party.

7. Water sports

Guided tours whisk you and your group away on a lazy river or roaring rapids, that part is up to you. Whatever your skill level this activity can accommodate just about everyone. The Catskills Mountains, Delaware Water Gap, and the Appalachian Mountains on the east coast have great spots for kayaking or white water rafting and breathtaking views and opportunities to see regional wildlife, says Galley. If you are by an ocean, ocean kayaking is also an unforgettable experience.

8. Murder mystery

Everyone likes a good “Who dun it?” story, says Galley. Solve the case at hand and see who makes it out alive!

9. Beach day

Take a group trip to the closest beach for a quick weekend getaway, says Samuels. Spend your days and nights relaxing and having quality time before the wedding day. Play some beach volleyball or rent jet skis for some additional fun.

10. Party bus

Rent a party bus one night, and have the group go out for a nice dinner. After dinner, head out bar hopping or attend a concert or comedy show, says Samuels.

11. Sin city

If finances allow, take a getaway to Las Vegas, suggests Samuels. Spend your days lounging by the pool, exploring the city and going shopping. Your evenings can be spent out at a club, casino or taking in a show that the entire group would enjoy, such as Cirque du Soleil.

12. Game night

Have the wedding party participate in a game/trivia night all together, says Samuels. Play games such as Battle of the Sexes, Pictionary, and Catchphrase. Pit the ladies against the guys, and see which ones come out on top! (I don't mean it that way, unless you do.)

13. Scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt that will take up most of the day, suggests Samuels. Be sure to hit local spots around town, and be sure to include some fun ideas. It will be fun to see what one another found throughout the day.

Images: Chris Ford/Flickr; Giphy