We Reveal What's In Bethany Mota's Makeup Bag

With over 8 million YouTube subscribers, famous beauty blogger Bethany Mota clearly knows a thing or two about beauty essentials. So naturally everyone is dying to know what is in Bethany Mota's makeup bag, which she kindly revealed to the Huffington Post in her recent interview.

Mota's beauty essentials are simple: An eyelash curler, a lip stain, and a brow pencil. That explains her always gorgeous eyes, on fleek brows, and perfect pout! As for her summer makeup essentials, you won’t ever find Mota without sunscreen or facial spray as she hangs out pool or the beach (drinking pink lemonade, of course).

Mota didn't just talk about her top three beauty must-haves, however. She also talked about all things from fashion to her hair secrets. For example, she prefers to wear what she feels comfortable in versus following fashion trends, and she admits that she doesn't know everything, which is something she would love to tell her younger self.

Here are 5 other fascinating things we learned about Mota from her Q&A with The Huffington Post.

1. She loves Chrissy Teigen and Miranda Kerr's style

2. If she wasn't a YouTuber, she would be a motivational speaker or cinematographer

3. She prefers iced vanilla lattes over hot chocolate

4. She prevents frizzy hair with leave-in conditioner and by braiding her hair before she goes to bed

5. Her favorite spring trends are denim skirts, maxi dresses and sandal heels

Check out this video, where Mota reveals what beauty essentials she keeps in her purse. And learn more about our favorite YouTuber by reading her full interview here.

Image: Bethany Mota/YouTube, Bethany Mota/Instagram (4), Chrissy Teigen/Instagram