Elena & Damon Becoming Human On 'The Vampire Diaries' Would Be The Best Thing Possible For The Show

It's been a few weeks since the exit heard round the world, and the shock has finally started to wear off. I'm talking of course about the sad news that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries. Information that had fans of the show worried (it is her diary about vampires, after all) and longtime Delena shippers in a downright panic. Many a think piece was written about if the show could carry on without her (it can) and what will happen with her bad-boy lover Damon Salvatore (hopefully more emotional talks in tank tops). With Bonnie back in play after being stuck in the past and continuing to bicker, banter and just generally have good chemistry with Damon — concern is mounting over the end of the 'ship that's been driving the show since Season 1. However, now that the possibility of becoming human again is back on the table, I think we are looking at the possible show endgame — not just for Elena, but for Damon as well. It may sound crazy but Damon and Elena becoming human would be amazing for the show.

Leaving her vampire life behind makes the most sense for Elena to leave town. After all, once she loses the ability to magically heal she is going to want to get the heck out of the death-trap that is Mystic Falls. I think she will become human again along with Damon, but he won't leave town with her, because he can't bring himself to leave his brother.

If true, it would make for a seriously compelling arc for Damon. Damon's acerbic, witty, and gorgeous as ever, and yet much of his plot-lines have revolved around his relationship with Elena. Once she's gone he will need something to fill that void. Can you imagine how interesting it would be to not only see him go through the heartbreak of losing Elena, but also adjusting to being human again?

This would also be wonderful for his family dynamic. We would see how this alters his relationship with Stefan, who I am guessing would remain a vampire. (Or maybe not? Human cure for everyone!) Their bromance would grow and change in new ways that we haven't seen for awhile on the show. It would be a huge shift for the character, but really great for TVD. It would open up new plot lines that could go for as many seasons as they are willing to keep it one the air — is infinite too much to ask?

In the end, if we're being honest with ourselves we know that Damon and Elena are the ultimate end game. Maybe we'll get a Damon/Bonnie relationship while this plays out, but something pretty drastic would have to happen to shift them as the true love of the show. The way I see it, after a few season's of Damon living a "normal" life without Elena (who is off being single in... Europe, I want to say?) she will obviously return. Then they will both be human and adjusted, free and clear to have many beautiful babies. Then these genetically gifted individuals would produce the sassiest offspring ever, who they will someday have to explain their very complicated relationship history to.

Images: Wilford Harewood,Tina Rowden/The CW