Can You Buy 'Shark Tank's AIRPods? Zero Pollution Motors Could Change The Way We Travel Forever

When it comes to solving the energy crisis, heads usually turn to electric cars — after all, they're already growing in popularity, and with all the luxury models out there, they've become quite the vogue option. That's all fine and well, but how would you feel if I told you there was another very promising option out there? That's where Zero Pollution Motors comes in. They've just thrown their hats into the ring in a major way with a car that runs on — get this — air (literally). And Zero Pollution Motors will be on Shark Tank this week — think the Sharks will invest?

The whole things sounds too good to be true, sure, but it's no hoax. As described on the company website, the cars currently in development at Zero Pollution Motors (adorably named "AIRPods") actually do run on compressed air, and are in many ways comparable in quality to electric and natural gas-powered options. The AIRPods have been in development for many years (since 2000), but they're just now becoming coming close to distribution. They were first conceived by Luxembourg-based company Motor Development International, and Zero Pollution Motors recently got the rights to produce the air-run cars in the United States.

The whole concept sounds great on paper, but will the Sharks agree? Here are a few things that might pique their interest.

Zero Emissions Motors Has Star Power To Spare

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Singer Pat Boone (a partner with the Zero Pollution Motors company) will be pitching to the Sharks, alongside screenwriter Ethan Tucker. Interesting team to be promoting compressed-air powered cars, no?

AIRPods Are Pretty Darn Fast (All Things Considered)

They can reach 80 km/hr (about 50 mph), according to Business Standard, which OK, isn't fast fast, but it's still pretty darn good when you consider the fact that you're literally running on air.

Their Range Is Pretty Good

According to their website, AIRPods can travel about 100 miles at "city speeds" per compressed air tank.

They're Adorable

They look like both the future and your favorite toy car from when you were a toddler.

... And They're Surprisingly Affordable

Though AIRPods are not available yet, you can currently reserve one on the company's website with a $1,000 deposit. A segment on the cars from CNN reported that they would retail for around $10,000 — which is cheap for a new car in general, let alone one that runs on air.

Do you think Zero Pollution Motors stands a chance in the Tank? I sure hope so — I wanna get my hands on an AIRPod!

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC