'Revenge' Cast Say Goodbye To The Show

If you haven't heard a peep from the Revenge fan in your life, it's because the fandom is in a deep state of mourning. On Wednesday, it was announced that Revenge has been cancelled after four seasons of twists and turns and Emily Thorne a.k.a. Amanda Clarke side-eyeing people as soon as they turn their back on her. The updated, gender-switched version of Count of Monte Cristo captivated audiences from the pilot to the present day, but now it's run its course and will forever be missed. This sentiment has been echoed from many places between Wednesday and Thursday, but the most heartwarming thing is how the cast of Revenge said goodbye to the show on social media, proving they loved the show as much as we did.

Even better, it wasn't just the main cast of the show that took to Twitter and Instagram to say their goodbyes. Actors who played minor characters, like Justin Hartley who played Patrick Osbourne in Season 3, and actors who played characters that had left the show long before the cancellation, like Ashley Madekwe (a.k.a. Ashley Davenport), spoke up to mourn the show and to wish the cast well in their future endeavors. It was like seeing a group of friends at graduation, hugging each other and crying and promising to see each other again — except this time you actually believe them.

There are so many things about Revenge that deserve the highest of praise across the show's run, from the intricacy of the plots to the fact that at many points it was like watching a murderous successor to Gossip Girl — in the best kind of way. These actors and these characters made us feel, whether that feeling was rage or glee or that bizarre moment where you trip and fall in love with a character that you spent every second since their introduction hating. (They really need a word for that, perhaps one based on Victoria Grayson's name.)

To have to say goodbye to all of that is no doubt hard on the fans, but sometimes we forget how hard it is on the actors. Not just in terms of having a steady paycheck, but in terms of having to say goodbye to a project, and an on-screen family, that they adored for many years. Watching the Revenge cast mourn the end of the series with us is kind of like putting a band-aid on the wound of the cancellation. After all, the fandom that cries together stays together — no matter where the actors end up after the series finale.

Image: ABC