Teen Rescued 5 Days After Nepal Earthquake

Earlier this week, it was reported that a man was pulled from the cataclysmic wreckage of the Nepal earthquake more than 80 hours after the disaster hit. Now, there's another tale of extraordinary survival: Search teams rescued a teenage boy in Kathmandu on Thursday, five days after the earthquake struck. The teenager, who has been identified by news outlets as Pemba Tamang, was reportedly found trapped under piles of debris that was once a seven-story hotel.

The Associated Press reports that it took search and rescue workers hours to free Tamang (who has also been identified as Pemba Lama), who has been identified as only 15 years old in media reports, but 18 years old by local police. The rescue mission was a joint effort between Nepalese and American teams, including Nepalese police officers and U.S. first responders.

L.B. Basnet, a police officer who helped during Tamang's rescue, told the AP that despite being trapped under the rubble for five days with no food or water, Tamang seemed aware and responsive. "He thanked me when I first approached him,” said Basnet. “He told me his name, his address ... I assured him we were near to him."

Images from the astonishing rescue show the teen being carried away from the rubble on a stretcher, his face covered with dust. His medical condition is unclear at this time.

The AP also has raw footage of the rescue, which can be watched below. In the video, you can see dozens of police officers, soldiers and first responders in the area as Tamang is carried away. One rescuer holds up what appears to be an IV bag full of fluids for Tamang.

Image: screenshot/The Associated Press