Taylor Granted Another Wish For A Sick Fan

by Nicole Pomarico

If you can count on one celebrity to always come through for her fans, it's definitely Taylor Swift. Although she's always been extremely fan-friendly, in the past year she's gone out of her way to connect with as many fans as possible, especially fans in need, and her latest act of kindness may or may not make you cry, depending on how emotional you're feeling when you read this. On Tuesday, Swift called a 12-year-old fan with cancer and obviously totally made her day. But really, does this news actually surprise anyone?

The fan, Emily Beazley, was diagnosed with stage three T-cell lymphoblastic non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2011, and although she's been fighting it ever since, doctors say that Beazley has hit the end of the road. Unfortunately, there's not much they can do for her, and her one wish? To talk to Swift, who is her idol. And after a Twitter campaign to put Swift in touch with Beazley, it finally happened. She got the call when she was on her way home from a radiation treatment, and according to Beazley's mom, Nadia, she lit up like she hadn't in a long time. Because duh — Taylor Swift is on the phone.

They talked about the upcoming 1989 tour, and Beazley says that Swift already knew everything about her, like her favorite color and the fact that a street in Chicago was recently renamed in her honor. Since Swift has made it a habit to stalk her fans on social media, of course she knew all of these things. She knows all.

Seeing Beazley's mom talk about the change she saw in her daughter after talking to Swift and hearing how sweet their conversation is just proof that the smallest things can make a big difference, and obviously, talking to Swift was huge for Beazley. Swift spends time with sick fans pretty frequently, so it's typical of her to jump at the chance to make the call. And even though Swift obviously can't cure a little girl suffering from cancer, she can totally lift the spirits of a family who's been through so much, and I love that the Beazleys seem over the moon about it.

Even better? Swift's manager offered up concert tickets and a meet and greet with Swift in Detroit at the end of May. It sounds like the family is going to play it by ear and see if Beazley is well enough to attend, but I hope she is. She and her family deserve that chance to be excited again.