Neiman Marcus Is Now Selling 3-D Printed Jewelry

By Candace Bryan

Even though Google Glass is undeniably ugly, technology and fashion aren't necessarily incongruous. There's actually a lot of potential for the two worlds to merge, an obvious example being 3-D printing.

One department store is proving that 3-D printing might become mainstream even quicker than we thought. Neiman Marcus has collaborated with Shapeways (an online market for 3-D printed goods) to create two designer pieces that will be available on the Neiman Marcus website: a "Monogrammed Silver Heart Pendant Necklace" and a small "Orb Stainless Steel Sculpture." They will cost $295 and $395 respectively, and will me made on-demand with 3-D printers upon ordering.

In the future, 3-D printing could be a game changer in how clothes are made, and it's already opening up a world of possibilities for designers. In the last year alone, 3-D printing has been the source of several noteworthy fashion pairings, with quick and easy custom fit jeans from Open Fit Lab, funky (albeit impractical) accessories by Catherine Wales, as well as beautiful dresses at Paris Fashion Week. Last month, online retailer Bow and Drape introduced 3-D printed belt buckles and metal pulls for clutches.

Behold, the future! It's not only incredible that a major store is offering 3-D printed goods: They're also somewhat affordable, especially compared to a lot of things offered at Neiman. Hopefully this will inspire other stores to follow suit with similar tech-savvy projects. And who knows: Maybe even Google Glass could get a fashion makeover.

Image: Neiman Marcus