Kentucky Derby Party Ideas That Will Make This The Most Memorable Run For The Roses Yet

Whether you're new to Kentucky Derby or a lifelong racing fan, it's never too late to learn how to host a Kentucky Derby party. So gather up your friends on Derby Day, and bring all the race day excitement into the comfort of your own home.

But celebrating the "Run for the Roses" requires a certain essence that makes it different from any old party. A Derby party requires southern food, big hats, and a large screen TV, of course. Here is everything you'll need to throw an authentic Kentucky Derby party.

Notify Guests of Kentucky Derby Dress Code

Want to ensure your guests go all out? Make it a contest! Prior to the party, announce what attire you’ll be looking for, like Best Dressed, Greatest Celebrity Look Alike, or Most Creative Hat.

Decorate Derby Style

Bring the full experience into your home with official Derby 141 party supplies from the Kentucky Derby store online. Or try some of these DIY Derby-inspired party decorations. Serve up some of these Derby pie cookies by Cookies and Cups, and you’re on your way to one delicious celebration.

Image: Cookies and Cups

Determine Menu

Race day just wouldn’t be the same without some good southern food. The official Kentucky Derby site has put together a recipe list of Kentucky cuisines you’ll want at your party — from snacks and appetizers to drinks and dessert. Try these mini country chicken-fried steaks by I Am a Food Blog for an extra delicious touch.

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Order Race Day Program

Of course it wouldn’t be a Derby party without the race day program, so be sure to get yours well in advance of the party.

Images: Getty Images

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Create a Way for Everyone to Wager on Race Day

There are tons of ways to get your party involved by wagering in on race day. It can be as simple as drawing horse names out of a hat, or creating a poster board with a block for each horse. Or wager in on the real deal by signing up at TwinSpires.

Obtain Liquors and Other Libations

Because aside from the race itself, Kentucky Derby just wouldn’t be the same without a few cold drinks. So cheers!

Print Out Lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home"

Have guests sing along to the lyrics of “My Old Kentucky Home” when they get there. It’ll bring the crowd together at the start of the race, and set the mood for the remainder of the festivities.

Tune into NBC for Full Coverage

NBC will be covering everything from the red carpet to the finale, and you won’t want to miss a beat, so stay tuned!