Watch This 89-Year-Old WWII Vet Score A Touchdown

As more and more of my friends pass the milestone of turning 30, and as I get closer to it myself, I actually feel relieved. Aging sounds dope and I look forward to it. First of all, grandmas inherently have dope fashion sense (this is a fact), and this is literally the reason I can't wait to go thrifting with my granny. No one has an eye for flattering greens like her. Also, young society likes to see seniors happy, which what helped spearhead the effort to get this 89-year-old man scoring a touchdown during the University of Kansas alumni flag football game.

Bryan Sperry played football for Kansas University, but that was way back in 1946 to 1948. When Sperry charged the field during University of Kansas game, pigskin underarm, he was a full 89 years young. So, uh, it's been a while since this kind of adventure was just a normal jaunt on the turf. Sperry's glee in this moment reliving his glory years is palpable. His smile is fixed, but seemingly a hundred percent subconscious, as he moves actually pretty fast towards the goal line. Sure, it's also pretty clear everyone is being dramatic and totally false while feigning struggle to halt Sperry's slight frame, but whatever. I'd guess Sperry knew, too, but who freaking cares? It's a selfless deed, in my opinion, that brings happiness to everyone. LOOK AT THIS DELIGHT:

I mean, not to give anything away, but he catches the ball first try like it's no big deal. He is almost 90! I think it'd take a few practice tosses for me to get a good hold—and I'm about one-third of his age. Anywaaay. See this impressive, heartwarming feat below:

Not to mention, Sperry risked his life protecting our country in World War II. Letting him slam one additional, pretty incredible touchdown is the absolute minimum the fellow alumni could do. I really hope this phenomenal moment was follow by cake at the very least. I mean, glory days...

I get it. Big ups to Sperry. I hope I'm half as badass at half that age.

Images: Fox News/Facebook (2)