What's Wrong With Women Who Don't Want Kids?

by Emma Cueto

It seems there is no end of things that are wrong with modern women — we wear pants, we expect to be treated with respect, and worst of all we aren't lining up to have babies. So what is wrong with women who don't want kids? Well, the answer is: Nothing. Which is made abundantly clear in a new video from Mic's Elizabeth Plank.

It's no secret that fewer women in the United States are choosing to have kids these days, but it seems a little harder for people to clue into the fact that this is perfectly fine. Studies show that women who don't have kids by the age of 35 feel stigmatized, and it's easy to see why given the way we talk about them (and talk to them). In fact, in a FoxNews clip included in the Mic video, one talking head calls the choice not to have kids "selfish, decadent, and stupid." Which is offensive on so many levels.

Maybe the women in question would like to have kids but think it would be irresponsible if they can't afford it — which is likely, given the economy in this country. Or maybe women would be more open to the idea if we had federally mandated maternity leave and having a baby was less likely to derail all of their other dreams. To say nothing of the fact that thinking this way assumes women are under any obligation to have kids in the first place. Shockingly, we are our own people, and we don't need to justify our existence by bringing other people into the world. Because, you know, we're already people. See what I mean?

So what is it really like to be one of those poor, childless women in their forties? Well, here's a peak at what one such woman told Mic.

What Do You Do With All Your Extra Time? Go To Spin Classes Three or Four Times a Day?

Answer: No.

How Many Vacations Have You Taken In The Last Month?

Answer: None.

Why Do You Hate Children?

Answer: She doesn't.

Are conservatives confused yet? Then the full video will blow your mind.

Images: Mic/YouTube (3)