Britney Spears Twists Ankle On Stage — Ouch!

by Daniela Cabrera

So, I don't know about you but I kind of suffer from really inappropriate giggles when someone tumbles or falls. I know it's just something that happens sometimes and I will help whoever needs it at that moment, but the giggles will come. Britney Spears is always fierce on stage, but we are sometimes reminded that, she too, is a human just like us. On Wednesday, April 29, Britney Spears twisted her ankle during her Las Vegas show while performing her hit "(You Drive Me) Crazy," and had to sit down for a few moments and collect herself.

In a longer video clip from TMZ, you see Spears grabbing onto her ankle but quickly getting help from her dancers and continuing the rest of the song, because as they say in show business, "the show must go on!" Spears quickly shared on Twitter that she "had a little scare" but is OK, after tons of fans sent their well wishes.

Sure, our favorite pop stars are humans like us and have their mishaps, but because it is their job to entertain, they almost always fiercely power on to give the fans the show they came to see. Because I wanted to give them their props, I rounded up some times that pop stars had some mishaps on stage but got right up and kept their cool for the sake of their fans and their music, because they are that fabulous.

Lady Gaga Falls Off her Piano

I mean, she literally makes it look so graceful that it almost seems like it was part of the performance all along. Plus, her vocals don't even waver once!

Beyoncé Tumbles On The Stairs Like A Boss

Even her falls are legendary. Beyoncé stands up and continues up the stairs and looks pretty ethereal while doing so, even when poking a little fun at herself.

Madonna Gets Right Up

Seems like her cape got entangled with the dancers, but she stood right up and continued singing, even when she could have been in serious pain. (The moment happens around minute 2:25.)

Beyoncé's Fan Turns On Her

Beyoncé's hair is almost always magically blowing in the wind and you can thank her fans for that. During one show, her hair got stuck in the fan, but Beyoncé seriously sang "Halo" like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. She is my hero once again.

Ariana Grande Kept Hitting Those High Notes

Just a casual high note while tripping in Louboutin heels.

Katy Perry Frolics In A Giant Cake

If there is anyone who wholly committed to a stage fall, it's Katy Perry. She knows you can't really look cute while sliding around in frosting so she just had fun with it.

Rihanna Shrugs It Off

Rihanna fell to her knees, #kanyeshrugged, and kept on twirling her way on stage like the badass she is.

Images: Getty Images