Will Lily Die On 'The Vampire Diaries'? Her Heretic Allegiance Signifies A Grim Outcome

Ever since Lily Salvatore first became a member of our Mystic Falls crew, I knew it was more than likely going to lead to nothing but trouble. And now that we know Lily's traveling companions are actually Heretics — powerful witches who have been turned into vampires (witchpires, if you will) — my suspicions about her overall intentions are at an all-time high. Like why is she really so desperate to get her makeshift "family" back when she has her actual sons right in front of her? And what does she intend to have happen once they get here? The only way I see this ending is in death, which makes me think that someone is eventually going to kill Lily on The Vampire Diaries .

I mean, think about it. Now that she's reverted back to her old Ripper ways, it's only a matter of time until she needs to be stopped… permanently. She's fulfilled her bare minimum motherly quota by helping Stefan flip his humanity switch back on, proving that her affection for her boys runs about as deep as a dried up puddle. So it's either time for us to see her either reform or finally experience the full extent of her wrath. (Though, personally, I'd prefer the latter.) The question is, however, who would be the most likely candidate to bring her down for good?

Annie Wersching may be scheduled to appear all the way up to the finale, but that doesn't mean her character will live to see the sun rise on a new season. And I'm betting one of these characters will have a hand in her undoing.


Obviously, out of the two Salvatore brothers, Damon would be the most likely one of them to resort to violence and do what needs to be done. It's not ideal given how he already has a serious case of Mommy and abandonment issues, but if it was a matter of saving the people he loves, Damon would kill Lily in a heartbeat. (And then drown his sorrows in a few hundred glasses of bourbon.)


It's hard to say what precisely motivates Enzo's actions these days. His character has kinda been all over the place this season. However, that could end up making him all the more likely to kill at random. He may share a complex history with Lily, but we've already seen how fast his allegiances can shift when he feels like he's been betrayed. In my opinion, this guy is like a ticking time bomb.


I think we can all agree that Bonnie has turned into quite the badass this season. But that cloud of darkness that's been surrounding her is sure to reach maximum capacity soon. If Lily begins seeking revenge on her for destroying the Ascendant, there's no telling what lengths she'll go to in order to keep herself safe. Bonnie is looking after Bonnie these days and God speed to those who get caught in her witchy crosshairs.

Matt & Tyler

Anyone else find it strange that, even though Michael Trevino is leaving TVD, Tyler has done almost nothing this season? Perhaps the writers are saving his big moment for last by having him and Matt do away with Lily once and for all. It could be his last heroic gesture to the town he grew up in. And as for Matt — well, he could use a compelling storyline for once.


He is a Vampire Hunter, after all. Just saying.

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