Ryan Adams Finally Covers Bryan Adams Because We've Waiting Long Enough And Honestly, We Deserve This — VIDEO

Ryan Adams has had kind of crappy year, what with splitting from wife Mandy Moore in January. But things are turned around for the beloved songwriter and musician, now that he's given his fans the gift they've so wanted for so many years: Ryan Adams covered Bryan Adams, you guys. It happened. All our wildest dreams have come true. Ry covered Bry, specifically, he covered his smash hit "Summer Of '69". All the world is living in harmony for this one perfect moment. (It seemed to last forever.)

Ryan Adams, as you might expect, gets requests for the Bryan Adams song frequently. I guess since Ryan is, well, such an adult, his frustration even went so far as kicking an audience member out of a 2002 Nashville show after hollering the request. Hey, hecklers are annoying. I get it. Clearly, it wasn't the Bryan Adams hit that he hated so much, especially considering he finally gave in, played it, and made an audience in Sydney, Australia very happy just three years later. And again two days ago—in the very same auditorium he originally booted that fan from in 2002.


OK, fiiine. It does look pretty magical. Plus, even though I have some problems with Ryan Adams, I have zero gripes for Bryan Adams. See the brain-exploding cover below:

john black on YouTube

Just when I think I'm game to give Ryan Adams another go, I'm reminded of some of his more rude moments directed at fans. There's so many, so I'll touch on only a few. Let's review!

That time he screamed at a woman for using flash photography

Scott Kucharski on YouTube

I've always dreamed of the day my favorite musician would curse at me for trying to savor our time together.

That time he was NOT about Halloween

Hollywood.TV on YouTube

Yeah, I'm not nuts about the idea of cameras in my face all the time, but that's why I'm not marrying Mandy Moore. (Also because she won't call me back.)

That time he didn't appreciate a critic's review

westost on YouTube

"You have to make some kind of weird point," he accuses Jim DeRogatis for, well, doing his job.

Cool, Ryan. I sure hope the other night's performance is indication of the singer softening a little. It's gotta be exhausting to be so angry all the time.

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