Eva Chen Knows How To Shoot A Shoe Selfie

Who has a better bag and shoe collection than Carrie Bradshaw? Eva Chen posts shoe selfies, with her fabulous handbag of the day situated nearby, along with a piece of fruit. It's her thing. She's healthy, she's well-heeled, and she just announced via Twitter that she is leaving Lucky , as the mag is rumored to be going all-digital.

Still, Chen's Instagram feed is one of the most stylish around. It's filled with images of her feet perched on the back seat of a car and perfectly crossed at the ankle. If you've got a foot fetish, and I am only referring to a torrid love affair with shoes, not anything kinkified, then you might want to click the "Follow" button on Chen, like yesterday.

Her shoe collection is drool-worthy and she isn't simply sharing shots of her skyscraper stilettos while on her way to some fabulous gala. There is variety there, with a surprising volume of sneaker shots! So the posts aren't gratuitous, even though they do inspire a degree of jealousy while providing inspo for shoe divas.

To the outside world, her #evachenpose, which she indicated isn't as easy as it looks, might seem entirely full of herself, pretentious, and frivolous. But to anyone who realizes that clothes make the man and that a woman's shoes make the ensemble, these shoe selfies serve a higher fashion purpose.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These are my 9 favorite Eva Chen shoe (and background bag) selfies from the past five months or so.

1. The Blues

Chen posted these navy blue clackers just this week and the pointy shape and "just high enough" heel certainly draw the eye.

2. Her Adidas

Cue the Run-D.M.C. song "My Adidas!" Chen's crisp white (read: probably brand new and just out of the box) shell tops are so street chic. #Crushing.

3. Beat Up Boots

These battered moto ankle booties are everything. If I saw her on the street, I'd want to steal these puppies.

4. Exotic

These ladylike kitten heels with exotic skin showed off Chen's super posh side. She is a mag editor and all. She can't wear sneakers all the time [insert sarcasm here]. In fact, I am shocked that she A) wears kicks and B) posts photos of them. Sneaks are fashion blasphemy to people like the fictional Miranda Priestly.

5. Weather-Ready

New Yorkers need weather-ready snow and rain boots. At least Chen's weren't frumptastic.

6. Ladylike Platforms

Oh my. These platforms look dangerous to walk in. But I love them.

7. Ready For Battle

Combat boots? Yep. Can I just say that I love how E. Chen is all about mixing hard and soft, feminine and tough?

8. Worlds Collide

These shoes have Victorian elements, with the buttons. But the chunky, mid-sized heels make 'em modern. Lovin' that texture, too.

9. Slip On Glam

Even her slip on sneakers were glam. Check that cammo pattern and the furry fabric. Like, really?

And this concludes our rundown of the best in fairly recent #evachenpose shoe selfies. The bag and the fruit are so ancillary!

Images: Eva Chen/Instagram (9); Getty (1)