Emoji For Introverts Will Make Flirting 10x Easier

In just a few short years, emojis have become probably as important as the hieroglyphics. Centuries from now, alien civilizations will come down to Earth and uncover our smartphones only to think, "wow, those humans sure ate a lot of eggplants." Emojis have been most passionately embraced by our chatty, outspoken friends. But what if you're more reserved and feel like the current set of emojis fail to capture your inward emotions? Emojis should not only be for social butterflies. Now there are emojis for introverts, too.

These "introjis" are a cute way to express all those times when you'd rather stay at home at read a book in bed with your bae, hang out with your cat, or go to the movies by yourself. Introjis also do a great job of illustrating introverted states of mind, like contemplating between options, feeling anxious, over-thinking a situation, or second-guessing.

Introjis designer Rebecca Lynch first started considering how introverts might use emojis when she was dating a fellow introvert. These introjis helped the introverted couple to better communicate their emotional needs, whether it was a enjoying some alone time to recharge or having to leave a social gathering early.

"Emojis are usually about social activities, like going out, dancing, and having drinks, rather than quiet activities like reading or watching movies," Rebecca told Introvert, Dear. Ironically, introverts prefer to communicate via text, but there weren't many emoji options when it came to expressing more private, individual activities, like Netflix binge-watching.

Fellow introverts banded together and helped Rebecca fund an Indiegogo campaign to bring these introjis to mobile devices using iOS and Android. The campaign was fully funded in less than three weeks, raising over $5,000. The forthcoming mobile app will let introverts share these introjis via text, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. So expect your texts to be more sensitive and contemplative.

Images: Indiegogo (2); Giphy (1)