Will Black Widow & The Hulk Get Together In 'The Avengers 3'? They Absolutely Should & These 7 Reasons Are Proof

With the release of Marvel's highly anticipated (OK, understatement of the century) The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, many fans may already be looking to the future, and what their favorite characters' fates may be in upcoming films. Like, who will return for future The Avengers films? Have we seen the last of some of our favorite characters? And, perhaps most intriguingly, will Black Widow and The Hulk get together in The Avengers 3 , or, as its known to be titled, Infinity War — Part 1?

It's not a crazy thing to wonder. Though their characters don't quite get together in the comics that The Avengers universe is based on, a series of promos and press interviews promoting Age of Ultron do feature stars Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo, as well as director Joss Whedon, all implying that Black Widow and The Hulk may fall in love in The Avengers: Infinity War — Part 1.

When asked about the nature of the relationship between Black Widow and the Hulk, Johansson responded:

"They’re coming together as two people who are reluctant superheroes and are seeing similar things in each other. They’re tethered to this greater cause that’s greater than any kind of potential love. It makes everything very complicated for them.”

Johansson later added in a separate interview, "They've been in the game for a long time, and they really long for a connection."

Everyone loves The Avengers largely because they're action movies that are always about more than just explosions: They're about superheroes with complex emotional lives and inner torments up against unbelievable odds (although, I have to admit, the explosions are also pretty awesome). Seeing two characters with extremely tarnished self-images finding peace in each other amidst the chaos just melts my nerdy little heart to butter.

Here are the top seven reasons Black Widow and The Hulk should definitely fall in love:

The Creative Team Has A Really Clear Vision Of Their Relationship

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While it's fair to fear that a romantic storyline could weaken the plot, the cast, writers, and directors have very insightful things to say about the characters arcs. If done right, it could be amazing — and when does Marvel not do it right?

Black Widow Is Strong Enough To Protect Herself Against The Hulk's Destruction


She's a badass. She has the physical power to literally fight off an uncontrollable angry Hulk, and the emotional fortitude to do so without internalizing Banner's rage. They'd be so good for each other...

Banner Owes Everything To Black Widow, And He Knows It


She is the wind beneath his wings, the port in his storm, and the personalized social worker that teaches him how to breathe through periodic, psychotic breaks. He needs her.

Johansson and Ruffalo Are Adorable Together

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Here's an interview where Mark Ruffalo answers all the dumb sexist questions that are usually aimed at Johannson and the two have a lovely chemistry together. What a mensch! This is how you talk about your female costars during interviews, Jeremy Renner.

Emotional Buildup Without Satisfying Payoff Make FANS ANGRYYYYYY!


TEASING ME MAKE ME FILL WITH RAGE — you know, Hulk style.

Who Else Is Black Widow Going To Hook Up With?


Not that she couldn't have her pick (because obviously she could), but look at the rest of these guys. One is a really straight laced patriot, one is literally a Greek god who carries a giant hammer with him wherever he goes, and the other one is married. Banner is a really cute, really approachable scientist who happens to have a massive pathological personality disorder. Obvious choice!

Because The Hulk Is Kind Of Sexy


There, I admitted it! They'd make a really attractive couple!

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