11 Surprisingly Funny Jamie Dornan Tweets, Because The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Star Has A Secret Funnybone

As any Fifty Shades of Grey fan knows, the sequel to the first movie in the series will be out before you know it. Though it seems like just yesterday we were seeing trailers with Christian Grey introducing Anastasia Steele to his infamous "Red Room," chock full of S&M surprises, a trailer for Fifty Shades Darker just came out. As it was with the last set of trailers, all eyes are on Jamie Dornan, the actor who will continue to portray Mr. Grey.

His role in this film, as the title implies, will be much darker than the first movie. Of course, Dornan is no stranger to taking on dark roles. He played a serial killer in The Fall, after all. And he seems to be quite aware of how his acting resumé may come off to viewers. He was even once told The Guardian, “I’d like to do a job where I don’t have to tie women to beds.”

But regardless of the grim and sometimes humorless characters he plays, in real life Jamie Dornan actually does have a sense of humor. Don't believe it? Check out his Twitter page. Though it may be surprising, the actor is not shy about showcasing his sharp, biting wit and smart jokes on social media. Below are just a few gems that will show why if you're not following him already, you probably should be.

Appreciating The Important Things In Life

Taking A Selfie With A Banana

Wanting To Make Fans, Er... Happy?

Accepting The Ice Bucket Challenge

When He Took This Selfie

Sharing His Take On Evolution

Offering His Opinion On The Bubbly

Talking About Modern Trends

Taking Illness In Stride

Getting Real About Being Ignored

And Last, But Not Least, Sharing How He Really Is Just Like Us...